Days since my last showreel, resulted in


TB of video footage, shot while walking


Kilometers and drinking


cans of No Fear


Videos combined


Festivals served


Artists served


Festivals visited

It’s been exactly 525 days since I uploaded my last showreel… If I wasn’t so busy, then it probably would’ve been sooner. But by some means, I feel that right now is the right time. So much has happened in those 525 days that if I were to tell you everything, it’d probably take me a couple of days… But that’s the beauty of working with video. You know how they say a picture says more than a thousand words? Just imagine how much I can share by using 25 frames per second.

I always try to be innovative with my showreels – just because I am so proud of everything I have achieved so far and want to express that feeling in the best way possible. This time, I have included an incredible 81 videos, and even worked together with a couple of skilled artists to create my very own stanbroeksteeg.nl 2018 soundtrack! How sick is that?!

Not only does this showreel reflect on me as an artist, but it also displays achievements I never even dreamt about a few years ago. I am living the dream; traveling all across the globe, working with my favourite artists and festivals – it doesn’t get much better than that. Every piece of footage in this showreel has been shot and edited by myself. I hope it touches you on an emotional level, as it did with me the whole time I was working on it.

About the soundtrack

I wanted to try something different. The idea of my own soundtrack had been stuck inside my head for years, and now, at this moment in my career, it felt like the perfect time to make it happen. Together with my good friend Justin, (By Raven) I sat down and combined all kinds of crazy sounds that fit perfectly with the ‘money shots.’ After that, I reached out to the guys from LNY TNZ and Jorrit (D-Sturb), who I have been working with for a long time. They absolutely loved the idea and immediately said they wanted to help me realize it. It felt like such an honour to have these talented and respected artists working on my soundtrack.

So now I had video and audio, but the soundtrack still needed a vocal. That’s why I chose Emese, with her beautiful voice, and Elvis (E-Life), who I know is capable of writing sick lyrics that tell my story. They also loved the idea and before I knew it, the track and the vocals were finished. And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the gifted producer Stefan (N-Vitral) created a piece of Hardcore to top it off!

Thank you Justin, Jorrit, Mitchell, Jan, Stefan, Elvis and Emese and for this amazing piece of music.


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